Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our Last Day in Jerusalem

          Stepping off the bus, we were greeted by men selling postcards and jewelry. This did not deter us from looking above the crowd, across the valley to the view of the city. There it was, just as we have seen in pictures, the iconic view of the old city of Jerusalem, with the golden dome, the ancient stonewall and the Temple Mount.
View from the Mount of Olives.
           As we stepped onto the famous Mount of Olives, our guide found the photographer and gathered us for a group picture, “Goliaths in the back. Zacchaeuses in the front,” he instructed. Just as he arranged us the way he wanted, with the beautiful old city behind us, an Arab man, in full robe and headdress, walked toward us from the right, leading a saddled camel,
TAXI!  Anyone call for a TAXI to Jerusalem!” he shouted out.
            Startled, half of our group turned to look at the unusual site. CLICK! Our photo was snapped, and our memory of this amazing trip would forever have half of our group looking to the right at the oncoming camel taxi. Hysterical!
Camel kiss. He is a professional. Don't try this at home.