Welcome to 31 Days of Our Adoption Adventure

         In October of 2014, I joined other bloggers at the write31days.com challenge. For the 31 days I shared our adoption adventure

  Parts of our story are hard. I don't want anyone to be discouraged about looking into adoption because of this. Adoption is a wonderful way to build a family. It is such a blessings and each of the parts of this story was worth going through in the end.

 If you have questions about adoption, please email me at robyncarrillo10@gmail.com and I will try to answer them.   Enjoy!


Day 1:    Why We Adopted
Day 2:   Baby Steps
Day 4:    A Crack Baby?
Day 7:    Waiting for Our Baby Girl  
Day 8:    Brokenhearted
Day 13:   The Call
Day 16:   The Ultrasound
Day 17:   Adoption Quotes
Day 18:   Best Laid Plans
Day 21:   The Interrogation
Day 23:  The Waiting Game
Day 26:   The Decision
Day 27:   Running on Empty
Day 28:   Gone Missing


  1. Although I don't know yet if it's God's will, I have a desire to adopt a boy a year or two older than my youngest. I'm looking forward to reading about your adoption adventure.

  2. Keep praying Tami. The Lord will let you know. I just post two more days. Our adoption was not always easy, so please don't let my story discourage you. It has been so worth it! And the Lord was with us the whole way.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing story! We have adopted 2 amazing, special boys from foster care, and were foster parents to 35 other kids during our 6 years as foster parents. We saw some kids go to awesome adoptive homes. We also fostered 4 sets of twins. :) My heart goes with you in your sharing. Please come and check out my blog when you have a few moments. www.saraborgstede.com

    1. Four sets of twins! Wow. ---Your blog is great Sara! We have a lot in common. I am a pastor's wife, and we have done triathlons too. Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to read some of your other posts too.