Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

I have loved being a mother. Even on the hard days, I have loved everyday being called Mom. From the first time they laid a sweet towheaded baby girl in my arms, to the times when the principal called to say my child was suspended from school and I needed to come pick them up, (twice in one week!), I have loved being a Mom.

Fun. Sweet. Loving. Rewarding. Confusing. Frustrating. Overwhelming. Humbling.

Whether born from my heart or my womb, my kids, all young adults now, made me who I am today.

Before kids I thought I could do anything.  After kids, there were days I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t do anything . . . not sleep, not shower, not cook, not think.

Before kids I loved God. After kids, I’m desperate for God, for His love, forgiveness, guidance, presence and rescue.

Before kids I was self-sufficient. After kids, I can’t do anything without God’s strength.

Before kids I thought I would be a good parent. After kids, I wonder everyday if I am doing anything right with my kids.

Before kids I felt confident, had my act together, and knew where I was going. After kids, I sometimes felt lost, forgotten, and without purpose.

As I near the end of my parenting journey, my last two will turn 18 soon, I agree with all the other parents --- it has gone by too fast. A whirlwind of diapers, hugs, school, games, tears, trials, decisions, instilling values I hope will stick, and praying through the night they will choose to love God.

Before kids I felt loved. After kids, I never knew my heart could care about, love and break so much for another person.

Even though everyday has not been easy, and the bigger they grew, the bigger the challenges became, I would not give up being a mother for anything.

My kids have humbled me, grown me, made me more dependent on the Lord, and given me more joy than anything else in my life.

I love you Jessi, Zeek, Jeremiah and Josiah!

Mother's Day Hike 2017

 Happy Mother's Day!