Saturday, July 20, 2013

Who Nose the Way?

After a week long vacation at the beach, we decided to try more family togetherness back home in the desert. We took the twins to go hiking at a place called Tent Rocks, named for the giant rock formations, that yes, really do look like tents.  Not knowing exactly where it was, we plugged in our destination to Google maps.  Of course, Miss Google is only right about fifty percent of the time. So, while we were pulled over on the side of the dirt road, trying to silence her, and figure out what the actual directions were, Twin B, in the back seat, starts screaming. Well, half screaming and half laughing.
“I was breathing and chewing my gum. I went to take a breathe of fresh air, and I choked, and my gum went up my sinuses! Help! Help!” We don’t know if he is telling the truth or telling a story. Either way, he is breathing and doesn’t seem like he is in pain. Twin A, sitting next to him, is a little distressed. “Mom, aren’t you going to do something, like help him?”
“What do you think I should do?” I ask, curious to hear his solution to this problem.
“Go to the hospital, of course! He has his gum stuck up his sinuses!”
We are out in the middle of nowhere. No  . . .where.  No houses, no stores, no cell service, nothing, nada, just dirt and some juniper bushes. It’s not that the hubby and I are unconcerned. We have just been to the hospital a lot, (broken bones, stitches, kidney stones, gallbladder, etc., etc., etc. ad nauseam) and gum up the sinuses, when he is still breathing, does not warrant a trip to the hospital. Not on the first day, anyway. To lighten the mood, the hubs starts telling the story of the last time someone in the family had something stuck up their nose.
“When Sis was little she had a favorite doll. She loved to hold everything close to her face, and sniff things. So, I guess this doll’s eyeball was not attached very well, and when Sis went to sniff her, the eyeball went right up Sis’s nose.”    This started the laughing. Twin A laughed. I was laughing. The hubby was laughing.  Then, gum sinus boy started laughing. Then complaining, “It’s still stuck! I can feel it up there.”
Finally, I give him a tissue. “Here, blow it out.” He takes the tissue and blows hard, and sure enough, like a spit wad shooting through a straw, out flies the gum, into the tissue. He is so proud of himself, he shows us the projectile in the tissue. More laughing.
“Hey, now my nose smells all minty.” Twin B proclaims.  We cannot hold it in! Now, the whole car is laughing. Laughing so hard, someone snorts! Oh no! Now, I’m crying, I’m laughing so hard.  We all repeat together, “Hey, my nose smells all minty!”

We finally made it to Tent Rocks and they were amazing and we had a great hike. But, we will all remember the trip for the gum in the sinuses and his minty nose.  

                            Hope you enjoy your family!  Lord nose we enjoy ours!

link to Tent Rocks: 


  1. That's hilarious Robyn! That's a story that will get repeated forever. My small group hiked Tent Rocks last summer and we loved it!

  2. I didn't sniff things and you made your only daughter sound like a goober!

  3. THATS NOT EVEN A REAL STORY! I put the fake eye ball up my nose not sniffed it

  4. Tell me why I did not know you had a blog?!?! Oh my word! This is so funny. I can see your family in my mind. Everyone here has read this now and are all laughing. Glad it all turned out ok! ;)

  5. Jessi Mace, I issued a public apology and made the correction. LOL! But that is exactly how your Dad told the story to the boys. There is a slight chance that "pre-menopause" may affect the memory.
    haha! I'm not sure what your Dad's excuse will be.

  6. I was holding my nose, holding my breath and then laughing as I read your post. It is not the destination that makes the vacation or road trip a success, it is the connection and the stories that are created. This story brings my love of laughing and minty gum to a new warning! Thanks for sharing!