Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kindness is Free

The clich├ęs’ go both ways.

We warn each other about businesses with bad customer service, and we marvel when we receive excellent customer service.

For those of us in the customer service industry, we also complain about how mean customers can be, and it makes our day when customers are deliberately kind.

We were talking about it at our store this week. It doesn’t cost anything extra to be kind, either for the customer or the business. Kindness is free. We charge the same and we give our best customer service whether someone is purposefully condescending or if they are refreshingly complimentary.

Kindness is free.

I’m not sure why someone I have never spoken to before, would purposefully speak down to me, act rude and demanding, as a way to begin a working relationship. I can’t see how it benefits them, and it is certainly not a pleasant experience for me. They don’t seem to understand that being kind does not take away anything from them, because

Kindness is free.

In the same day, another customer went out of their way to compliment my shirt, ask about my day, and chat pleasantly about how they were learning to be more thankful for the little things in their life. It lifted my spirits and I also thought about the things I had to be thankful for. It did not take her any longer or rob her of anything to speak positively. She wished me a good day and I reciprocated. We both left the conversation with a smile because

Kindness is free.

It is easier to be kind when we have experienced the kindness of God. The Bible says it is God’s kindness that draws people to Him. (Romans 2:4)

          What about you? Have you received a random or deliberate act of kindness   recently? Didn't it feel great?

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  1. I agree with you 100%. I work at and office and sometimes customers get out of hand being very rude. I was being very kind and he just yelled and demanded his job to be done. Which I don't understand how his job was going to get done any faster with him yelling. People just need to understand that there is a process to follow and to be patient. Great Blog!