Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What Is On Your Bucket List?

     Do you have a Bucket List of things you want to do in your lifetime?  How many things have you crossed off of your list? For many people traveling to a foreign country is one of the exciting things on their list. For many believers, traveling to the Holy Land, the Land of the Bible, is a big item on their Bucket List.
     The hubby and I lead tours to Israel. Since, many, many people have told us they have ALWAYS wanted to go to Israel, but can’t right now, I decided it would be fun to take whoever wants to go, on a virtual tour, while we are in Israel.
     I hope to be able to share with you the sights and significance of a Biblical tour of the Holy Land, to inspire you to one day take a trip for yourself.
     This will be our fourth trip to Israel, and our second time hosting a tour group. (It will also be our first virtual tour.)
     Why do we lead tours?
     A trip to Israel is exciting, and more meaningful than just a vacation.  The land is beautiful and unique, and even though it is cliche', it is true, the Bible really does come alive once you have been there. However, the main reason we can't wait to share this experience with others is we believe God has asked us to do this. On the first trip we took in 1996, we were sitting on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, looking out at the lake and the sun setting, and we both thought, we have to come back and bring our kids and our friends. It was an overwhelming thought and desire. Our kids were five and seven at the time. It was another ten years before we would get to go back when our kids were teenagers. We took them and some friends, and their teens on a divinely orchestrated tour that was perfect for teenagers. By that time, we had two more kids at home who were too young to go with us to Israel. We knew, and promised our two younger boys,  they would get to go to Israel, the next time.  The hubby became a Pastor at our church, and we took a group of friends in 2011, and the boys were still too young. We knew there would be, yet another, next time for them. 2014 is their time. We thought this might be the last time, since we definitely aren’t having any more kids (!), and we will have taken all four of them, and a lot of friends. We believe God has different plans though. We put out an information card, and 150 people responded saying they would be interested in information about an Israel trip in 2016. Lord willing, we will lead a new group of friends on their trip of a lifetime to the land where Jesus grew up, and most of the events in the Bible took place.
     This year, for the virtual tour, I hope to provide pictures, commentary, and possibly some short video clips while we are touring with the group. If you would like to join us, virtually, please bookmark this page:, and check in everyday, starting June 5th, to see new sites, hear some teachings, and hopefully be inspired.
     After taking this virtual tour, I hope you say, like Jews and everyone who celebrates Passover every spring say . . . .
 Or if you want to join us in 2016  . . .
Journey to Jerusalem Tour 2011

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