Thursday, August 7, 2014

Are You a Mighty Warrior?

       (If you missed A in Blogging through the Alphabet, first we must Admit We are Not God.)
            I love the story of Gideon in the Bible. God does several amazing things through him, but I like the beginning of his story best. An angel of the Lord comes to Gideon, an Israelite, who is hiding from his enemies, under a tree, down in a wine press. The angel of the Lord calls Gideon a ‘mighty warrior’.  The thing is, Gideon was not a mighty warrior. He was a scared farmer. We don’t know if he had ever fought in a battle up to that point.
                     What does Gideon say when he is called a mighty warrior by the Lord? 
                                                                 He ignores it. 
He argues with the angel about something else the angel says, but he ignores the words God says about him. Weird, isn’t it?
            What do we do with the words God says about us? You probably haven’t been visited by an angel of the Lord lately. (If you have, please message me. I would love to hear about it!) But the Lord has plenty to say about who He thinks we are. Do we believe it? Or like Gideon, do we ignore it?
God, in His Word, calls us His dear children.   Do we believe it?  (1John 4:4)
God says He loves us so much He gave His Son for us.   Do we know it? (Gal. 2:20)
God calls us His sons (and daughters).   Do we act like it? (Gal. 3:26)
God says He has forgiven us for everything we have done.   Do we accept it? (Col. 1:13-14)
God says He has called us to a unique purpose.   Do we live it? (1 Cor. 7:17)
God says He has cleaned us, set us apart as holy, and made us right with Him.   Do we love Him for it? (1 Cor. 6:11)
God says we are not who we used to be. He has made us new. Do we celebrate this? (2 Cor. 5:17)
            The B in growing closer to God is we need to believe what God says about us. If we continue to believe we are worthless, mess-ups, we won’t be able to grow close to a Holy God.
Are you afraid? God says He is with you. (Heb. 13:5)
Do you feel worthless? His Word says you are valuable. (1 Peter 2:9)
Do you feel insignificant? To God you are special. (Eph.1:4-5)
Do you feel rejected? God always accepts us. (John 15:16)
Be strong and courageous.
Let’s believe what God says about us and not what think about ourselves.


  1. Love this! I want to not only believe, but live like I believe!
    By the way, love the new blog look!!

  2. Thanks Michele. I'm still working on the look of the blog. I wish I had a blog template expert to help me.