Wednesday, August 27, 2014

C is for Communicate

            My hubby and I are great communicators. And by great, I mean great in volume of communication. Not loud,  . . .  although we can be that too. :)  I mean we communicate a great amount. In other words,  ---  we like to talk. A lot.
            Before the time of cell phones, when we were dating and engaged long distance, he in one state and me in another, we wrote letters to each other  . . . every day, for a year.  I know it is hard to believe. WHO has that much to say to another person, that they could write a multi-page letter every day?  Two people who were young and in love and couldn’t wait to be together, that’s who.

Who could you write a letter to every day? For a year?
            Even since the advent of cell phones, and after 28 years of marriage, not a day goes by without us talking to each other. I am embarrassed to say we still call or text each other at least 5 times a day!   5 times! WHO has that much to talk about, to call another person 5 times a day?         We do. ;)                      
                         (We even work in the same building now, and still, call each other all day.)
That is how we grow close to someone.
                        Sharing experiences.
                                                Asking questions.
                                                                        Getting their opinion.
                                                                                    Bouncing ideas off of each other.
                                    Sharing the details of our thoughts and lives.

            That is how close God wants us to be with Him. He wants us to talk to Him every day  . . . even more than 5 times a day. He wants us to ask questions, get His opinion, take our ideas to Him, and share the details of our thoughts and lives.
            We grow closer to God by communicating with Him daily through prayer. We don’t need to write Him a letter or use our cell phone to talk to Him. He is always available to listen to us 24 hours a day.
                                    Have you communicated with Him today?

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