Thursday, December 11, 2014


         I didn’t know what the principal would say and neither did he. My son broke one of the school policies and we knew there would be a tough consequence. We thought it would either be a three-day suspension or expelled from the school. I didn’t particularly want to tell on my son, but I had to speak to the principal about another important matter, which related to the policy, so it was sure to come up.
         Never one to bail my kids out, I was willing for him to receive whatever consequence the school wanted to give him. “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time.” I thought, in the name of tough love. (It was not an actual crime, just a school policy.  :) )
         My son was repentant. He cried. He knew the consequences would be severe. We drove to school as he thought of his friends and the schoolwork he wanted to turn in, before he was called in to face the music.
         I parked the car and he walked in to class. I walked down the hall to the principal’s office. The receptionist said the principal would not be in that day. The counselor was unavailable, and the other administrator was on his way to a meeting. Finally, a teacher approached me and I explained my dilemma. She offered to help me and confirmed that the consequences of his actions were usually more severe than I anticipated. But, she said since it was an isolated incident, and my son could fix it, there would be no repercussions this time. Then she left for her classroom.
The free and unmerited favor of God

         I stood in the empty hallway and smiled at God. It is a good thing God loves that boy so much. I thought to myself. Only God could have arranged the timing when nobody but the one teacher was available, and she had a solution.
         Later, when I picked my son up from school he reluctantly climbed in the car. He said he had a terrible day, waiting to be called into the office at anytime. He couldn’t eat anything and was sick with worry. He said He prayed all day, telling God He was sorry and truly wanted to follow Him. He thought that would be his last day at school and he begged God to be able to stay.
         When I told him he had received grace, he couldn’t believe it. He eyes lit up and a smile beamed across his face. He said, “That is God! He answered my prayer.”
         I agreed and told him, “God must really love you son, to give you grace in this situation. And you know why He did it? Because you are special to Him and He has a wonderful plan and purpose for your life. Apparently, His plan did not include suffering the consequences of your actions at school today.”
         He was overwhelmed. “I don’t know what to say.” He said, still grinning ear to ear. “That is amazing.”
         I told him about a time when his brother got in trouble at school for doing something “everybody else was doing.” I told his brother the Lord has a higher call on His life. He wanted to teach him to walk in obedience, so he got caught when others didn’t.
         But this time, years later, the Lord rescued this son, but taught an equally important lesson. Sometimes, even when we don’t deserve it, God gives grace. My son promised not to do it again, and said he knew better than to take advantage of God’s kindness. Then, as he stepped out of the car he said,
“Mom, you can write about this if you want to.”
Thanks son.
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, and are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 

    Don’t you love it when you receive Grace instead of what you deserve?


  1. I love that your son told you you could write about this. I was wondering about that as I was reading this story. Thanks so much, both of you, for sharing this story. We tend to take God's grace for granted, but as I was reading, I was worrying for your son and how the story would end for him. We forget to feel the same way about where we would be without God's incredible grace. What a blessing we have in Him. Thanks for sharing.

    1. He doesn't generally like me to write anything about him. I think he was so grateful to God for His grace, that he thought it would be good to share with others. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. My daughter and I look at each other and say, "It's a God thing" so often in relation to her life experiences. That is a lesson he will never forget, and what a blessing that you were able to share in it and reinforce it for him. Blessings.

    1. Yes, I agree, he won't forget this. I love hearing God stories and sharing them. Thanks for reading!

  3. I love this story! And I love that your son said you could write about it, too. My two school aged kids hate when I write about them.

    This is a lesson your son will never forget. And you're a wonderful mom for being willing to let him face the consequences, even if it would have hurt. That's so hard to do. But I'm glad God showed grace.

    1. I love when God shows grace. My son was so surprised and then so grateful. It was great to watch.

  4. I couldn't help but smile as I read the ending to this story.... "God must really love that boy!" I love, this because He does love us so much as has extended grace to me countless times. Thank you for reminding me that he doesn't deal with us as we deserve, he calls us and reasons with us and covers us! I needed this insight as I am learning how to better parent my young three year old son and his little brother that will soon follow in his footsteps. I LOVED this!

    1. Thanks Laura! I have a daughter and three sons, and each one is unique in their own way. I have always told them God loves them and has a special plan for their life, because He does. Of course, He loves all His children and has a special plan and purpose for all of us. I love that about God. Bless you as you raise your boys!