Friday, October 16, 2015

Hearing God While Dating

A friend shared this story with me:

I was not looking forward to dating again after the divorce. But, I met a nice guy and thought, What would it hurt to go out to dinner with him one time? We had fun together and grew to really like each other. Two years into the relationship I realized I had fallen for a great guy who did not share my love for Jesus. He wasn’t opposed to it. He just wasn’t into it, so we never talked about my relationship with Jesus. I went to church every Sunday, but I kept my relationship with Jesus quiet. Obviously, it wasn’t that important to me.
Then, a friend invited me to Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). I faithfully went every Monday night and loved studying the Bible everyday. After two years of dating, my boyfriend accepted a job in another city. He wanted me to move with him. Coincidently, I was offered a position in the same city through my job.
Because I was studying God’s Word every day, and I had been raised in church, I knew I should not marry a non-believer. My heart was divided. It seemed every lesson from the Bible said to me:

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and
wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?
 2 Corinthians 6:14

I knew the verse. I knew God didn’t want me to move with my boyfriend. I remember asking God, “So I get to be lonely the rest of my life?” I decided to talk to my boyfriend about God. I told him Jesus was the most important thing to me and that I wanted him to become a believer also. He said I was the fifth person to try and convince him to follow God. He said he wasn’t interested. He said, if I wanted him to, he would go to church on Christmas and Easter. My heart sank. 
Was I going to choose my boyfriend or choose to obey God’s Word? It was a big decision and I was at a major crossroad in my life. I believe it was because I was in God’s Word daily, and He kept showing me and bringing to mind the verse about not being unequally yoked. I could not stop thinking about it.
In the end it came down to, was I going to believe God’s Word and obey it or not? It was hard, sad and heartbreaking at the time, but I am grateful everyday that I chose to obey.
Many years later, I am married to a wonderful Christian man, and have two great kids who love the Lord. I am so glad I was in God’s Word at the time and that He spoke to me through that verse.


       How about you? Has God reminded you of a verse at a time when you needed to hear it and obey? 

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  1. The verse he reminds me of the most is "Perfect love casts out fear." I'm a big chicken, and he knows how much I need the assurance of his love and protection :).

  2. It is so hard to stay logical when feelings are involved! I married a Christian, but ignored some red flags that have taken us years to work through. I can't imagine not being able to share my faith with my spouse!

    1. Me either Melissa. I agree it is hard to stay logical after you have feeling for the person. We think it will just be one date, or whatever, and then before you know it they are emotionally involved.

  3. This is so good. All my kids are saved. One of them tends to fall for unbelievers ... thankfully she is still in her teens and living with us ... but it's always a sticky subject--even though there is not stickiness about it in God's Word. Thanks for this ... at the right time, I'll share it with her.

    1. I agree Dianne. I tell my kids all the time that they should only date believers, because they will marry someone that that date first.