Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Are You Texting God?

          Have you noticed we are texting more and more? Or maybe it is just me because I have three sons who prefer text over talking. I also have women friends, my age (35, give or take ) who I only ever have text conversations with. Some of these are long paragraphs of information, some using correct grammar, some using a sort of abbreviated, no capitals, no punctuation, hybrid English. My actual phone conversations, where we are talking, are getting fewer and fewer. Even my Mom texts me more now. (Not that there is anything wrong with that Mom.) The point is, we seem to text more than we talk anymore.
     Don’t get me wrong, I like text –never while driving, of course –but texting has its place. Texting is great for sending and receiving information.

“Can you pick up some milk?”

“Please let the dogs out when you get home from school.”

“Let’s meet at Panera at 11:30.” 

I don’t know about you, but I have also received some long, loooooong detailed paragraphs of text telling me a personal or important story. Most of these would have been better as an actual conversation, on the phone or in person. I never know how to respond. I would like to call the person and talk to them, especially if they are describing a problem or want advice. But, because they text(ed) me first, I feel obligated to text back, thinking this is their preferred mode of dialogue.
On the phone, talking conversations or in-person conversations are much better for building friendships, showing care and genuine interest, sharing dreams, difficulties and life with people. IMHO (in my humble opinion) texts should be relegated to ‘information’ and actual talking should be for ‘conversation.’

In our text dominated world, is that what we do with prayer as well? Do we pray and expect God to send short, concise, immediate answers to our requests?

“God, should I take job A or job B?” 
“That person hurt me, should I hold a grudge or forgive?”

“Lord, he’s cute, should I go out with him, even though he is not a believer?”

God wants to have a relationship with us more than He wants to give out information. What good is the information or answers without a real, personal relationship with Him?

If we want to hear God, we need to pursue a personal relationship with Him, not just text Him questions about our immediate needs. God loves us and made us for relationships, both with Him and with others.

I know texting is here to stay, and I like the convenience as much as everyone else. When it comes to prayer, however, the God of the universe, the one who loves us more than anyone, wants to have a real, personal, communicative relationship with us. If we want to hear God we need to invest the time and effort it takes to have real conversations. When we do, it is always worth it.

John 15:15 “I have called you friends  . . .”

James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

John 13:35 “Love one another even as I have loved you.”

Isaiah 41:10 “Don’t panic. I am with you. There’s no need to fear for I am your God. I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you. I will hold you steady, keeping a firm grip on you.”


How about you? Do you ever feel like you are texting God for answers instead of pursuing a personal relationship with Him?

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  1. "Texting" certainly is the easy way. But not the best way. (which I admit, I've done when I was chicken to do it the right way!) But for relationship building? Nope. Great encouragement here, Robyn!

  2. Ah yes... I love how you related texting people to texting God! I have to say that I am so not a phone person! I would much prefer face to face over coffee, or texting... I don't know why but talking on the phone has never appealed to me. But you are right - some conversations need to have voice and tone... As far as the text reply to a serious situation, I usually ask if it is ok if I call them to respond. That way they know I have read the text, but also know I would rather have a voice to voice (if not face to face) connection! great post!

    1. Thanks Karrilee! Yes, text really can miss the tone, inflection and true meaning. It is especially hard to joke or tell if someone is being sarcastic or serious.

  3. I love this. My daughter and I text a lot but we converse a lot also! My granddaughter and I text - when she calls me I know she needs help with something. My sons text me - in fact, one texted me "Happy Birthday, love you" two weeks ago. I told him he absolutely HAD TO CALL ME to say HB. I like texting, as you do, but there are messages that must be spoken...too often we miss or misinterpret the "tone" in the words and that can really mess with your mind and heart. Good post, Robyn. Very timely.

    1. Thanks Susan! Yes, Happy Birthday definitely needs to be said in a real conversation.