Saturday, September 27, 2014

Song in Our Heart

             It can be difficult to feel close to a God we can’t see, although, like the wind, His presence is unmistakable. Creation proves He is here, the Bible and history prove He is here, and certainly our changed lives prove He is here.  Connecting with Him can prove difficult, however.
            One of the best ways to connect with the Lord is through singing, music in general, but singing in particular. There is just something about singing that involves the mind, the body and the soul, when directed to the Lord. Praise songs and songs with scripture are inspired and singing them not only touches us deeply, but also must put a smile on the Lord’s face as well.

Take these songs for example:
Jesus Messiah  --     by Chris Tomlin
Sings the names of Jesus, who He is from the Bible, and His amazing love is for us.

What an Awesome God -- Soulfire Revolution
Praises God for all He has done for us and for His goodness, mercy and faithfulness.

Revelation Song   --   by Kari Jobe
A beautiful song that praises Jesus as the only one who is worthy of praise because He is the Holy King of Kings.

We Believe   --     by the Newsboys
Praises the Lord and commits to what we believe from the Bible, that we do indeed believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, new life found in Him, the crucifixion, that He conquered death, the resurrection and that He is coming back again.
            There are so many more praise songs. These are only a few. If these words or the music don’t help you connect to the Lord, there are others that will.
            The point is singing to the Lord helps us feel closer to the Him. When we are feeling far from God, listening to and singing praise songs to Him will bring us back to that closeness we desire.
“The Lord inhabits the praises of His people.” Psalm 22:3
What songs help you feel close to the Lord?

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