Saturday, October 1, 2016

He Did What?!

     I love a great story. I think I started writing so I could share great stories with others. I love the amazing stories of regular people in the Bible doing extraordinary things for God. If the book of Acts didn’t end, but continued to be written today, there would be an abundance of stories, because God continues to Change people’s lives.   

     God is still in the business of rescuing people, saving them, and filling people with his Holy Spirit . . .  and an encounter with God changes people.

     The stories where God showed up in someone’s life and did something miraculous, brought them out of their bad circumstances, repaired their relationship, healed them, provided for them when there was nothing, forgave them, and gave them peace, purpose and love are the most exciting. Hearing the person tell how God changed their life is inspiring. In the last seven years, since becoming a Pastor’s wife, I have had a front row seat watching God change people’s lives.
     For this 31-day series, I am sharing some of those stories. Many of them would make great movies. So, grab some popcorn or a drink, and get ready to read some life changing stories. I pray you are inspired and your faith in God is awakened as you read.

     One last thing, -- every year my husband asks me why this month long writing challenge isn’t in February, when there are only 28 days, instead of 31. Because every year around October 25 I panic and don’t know if I will have enough stories to continue all the way to day 31! If you or someone you know has had their life changed after an encounter with God, and you would like to share it, as an encouragement for others, I would love to include it in this series. You can email me at

     Tomorrow, our Senior Pastor, Todd, gave me permission to tell his story. He certainly was Changed for the better. (No, I didn’t intend for that to be a “Wicked” reference! LOL!)  

To read all the 31 Days of Change stories, click here to access the whole list.

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  1. Looking forward to the month!! You are a great story teller!