Monday, October 3, 2016

Stuck in the Desert

         My friend, Becky’s story:

“A wrong turn down a 25 mile dirt road on our way to a secluded national park left me and my kids alone in the middle of the desert, miles from any signs of life. What was Lola (my GPS) thinking? She tried to get us back on track, but suddenly I was faced with crossing a dry river bed to continue on the dirt road on the other side. I'm adventurous, have four-wheel drive and it was only about a hundred yards across, so why not? Besides, there was no easy way to turn around and go back the other way on the rutted road.

Halfway through, I realized I made a terrible mistake. The car was slogging through two feet of dry sand, gradually slowing down. If the car stopped, we would never gain enough momentum to get going again. My kids and I frequently travel alone and I've never been fearful, but this time I was afraid. I desperately pleaded with God to give us enough momentum to keep the wheels turning and get to the other side. He graciously granted my petition and we made it across and continued on our way.

This experience reminded me of another woman stuck in a desert 4,000 years ago. Hagar was a young woman in desperate circumstances not of her own choosing. She ran away and found herself scared and alone by a spring in the desert.

BUT GOD... met her in that place. He comforted her with words conveying these thoughts:
"I see you. I know how you got here and I know where you're going. I care about you and I have a plan for you."

After he told her what to do, Hagar gave him a new name because she had experienced him in a new way:  

El Roi...the God who sees me.

There is a new generation of women in our churches who are walking alone in their faith journey and need to know there is a God who sees them and loves them. They need to know their church loves them and values them and that there is a place for them in the body of Christ. They need to know that, even though their family may not look like a traditional two-parent church-going family, there is a place for them to connect and build community and grow in their spiritual walk. They need support and mentoring to learn how to gracefully navigate the desperate trials they are facing.

May El Roi, the God who sees, give you His eyes to see those who are hurting so you can encourage them this week.”

         What I admire about Becky is she didn’t stay stuck in the desert. She did something about it. She started a ministry at her church for women walking their faith out alone. Now she no longer walks alone, but is building a community to encourage each other as they walk out their faith.

You can find her ministry at  

Have you ever found yourself in a difficult or uncomfortable place in life?

Has God used it for good in your life?
Has it changed you?
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  1. Robyn- Great post!
    Yes I have found myself in a trying season. It was both difficult and uncomfortable. I didn't think I'd make it out. But that season gave me the confidence and the push to begin blogging and sharing my faith journey. That time frame, gave me a heart of compassion for my brothers and sisters in Christ that find themselves in a hopeless and hard seasons.
    Although I don't want to return to that season again, God used it to bless me. He really is wise and uses even the hard for our benefit:)
    #InspireMeMonday neighbor,

    1. Thanks Julie! I'm so glad He turned your situation around for good.

  2. What a beautiful story and an even more important conclusion--we as a church body need to reach out and minister to those who aren't 'traditional'--this world is so full of broken people and for some reason we think we can only minister to those who are broken the same way we are broken. That's not true! We can minister to ANYONE God puts in our path.

    1. So true we can minister to anyone. But it seems God puts it on the hearts of those who have been through something, to then want to help others going through what they did.

  3. I have leaned heavily on the God Who See me lately. thank you for this reminder.

    1. It is comforting knowing He sees us and our situation and cares about the details of our lives. Thanks for stopping by.