Friday, October 21, 2016

Is There Life After Prison?

         "Leticia grew up, one of 8 brothers and sisters from a poor southern New Mexico family. Even though hard, the memories of her early years were good. The good life turned bad as the drugs overwhelmed her.  Eventually, the addiction shattered the marriage and eventually her life. The street life engulfed her and took her places no woman should ever have to endure.  She was raped, beaten and left for dead.  She made two very bad choices in men that almost cost her her life and did take her parental rights to her only son.

         Arrested and convicted, Leticia was sent to jail. She was prayed into jail by a guard, who saw her dead in a ditch and got up to pray!  Later that year, another guard, who was faithful to go out and make disciples, led her to Christ. After jail she was sent to prison. Prison was where she discovered and developed a wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ.  Through her four years in prison, she turned a disaster into the most wonderful relationship with God that could ever be imagined.  She attributes her prison sentence to not only saving her life, but also cementing her relationship with Jesus Christ.  That drive that made her early life successful was the determination that helped her develop an exit strategy from prison, as well as overcoming the overwhelming obstacles of post-prison life.

         During and since her release Leticia has dedicated her life to helping others overcome the hurdles of prison release.  She and others are offered ways to change through education, relocation, incarceration and rehabilitation, but only God can make the transformation.  After God made that transformation in her life and based on her experiences leaving prison, she founded God’s Provision Ministry and later with co-founders, Donna Jennings and Patricia Conkling, A Peaceful Habitation Home & Aftercare Ministry, Inc., a ministry that provides transitional housing, resources, life skills, Celebrate Recovery (12-step) and other assistance for women to make their transitions back into their communities, one woman at a time.

         Leticia lost her parental rights to her son, Isaac, but God restored him to her. He is legally adopted by her sister, Ramona, but visits on a regular basis and at the age of 6 said, “He wanted to 'rock' for God!”  He is now a teenager and serving God.  Leticia is also re-married. She and Bob met on a Kairos prison ministry weekend in 2003 while she was still on parole.  They married six months later and are still married and very much in love.  She and her husband, Bob, continue working on Kairos weekends each year.  She was also allowed to be a Leader of a women’s Kairos team; Chairperson for Grants Kairos Advisory Board; Advisory Member of the Christian Association of Prison Aftercare (CAPA); has been instrumental in the coordinating and organizing of the NM Dept of Corrections’ annual volunteer conferences; and a member of the House Memorial 3 Task Force in NM.    God brought her a long way and performed many miracles in her life.

 Leticia would like to one day write a book; obtain a pardon from the governor of NM; speak at churches to encourage them to embrace the formerly incarcerated returning citizens into their congregations by providing mentors and support; go to the prisons and jails to encourage others to never give up hope and embrace their God given talents and use them for the good of society.

        Leticia writes, “During our addiction and criminal lifestyles we become people that are selfish, self-centered, and even abusive. We should apologize for the pain we caused and give back of ourselves, time and money to those we have injured and taken from. We must stop blaming everyone else, take responsibility for our actions, the bad choices we made and become contributing and positive members of our families and our communities." She would also like to have another house in Albuquerque and open a business that will hire and train the former incarcerated women, who are returning citizens.

          Coming from a poor family and surviving many bad choices concerning drugs and other illegal activities, Leticia found a relationship with God that allowed her to turn her life around and offer herself to the aid of others.  Her ministry, A Peaceful Habitation Home & Aftercare Ministry, Inc., is now offering a light of hope to women coming out of prison, hope that she herself needed, to be able to overcome the realities of post-prison life."  

(article used with permission by A Peaceful Habitation)

"My people will abide in a peaceful habitation,
in safe dwellings,
and in quiet resting places."
                                                                      Isaiah 32:18

A Peaceful Habitation

P.O. Box 53516

Albuquerque, NM 87153

                                                               A 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization 

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful, powerful story! May God continue to use Leticia as she loves people to Jesus.

    1. Yes, she really does an amazing job helping women after prison.

  2. Robyn, thank you for sharing Leticia's testimony! I have a friend who also was saved in prison and has the same heart for incarcerated women. God is so faithful!

    1. It is amazing how God rescues them and turns messes into ministries, isn't it?