Friday, October 6, 2017

5 Out of the Box Ways to Have More Joy


1.    Plan joy the night before for the next morning.  Many people plan the night before for the next morning. Whether it is laying out school clothes for your kids, packing lunches and putting them in the fridge, or simply writing out a To-Do list, planning helps us prepare for the next day. We can also plan the night before to have joy the next morning. Plan to choose joy no matter what the morning brings.

2.    Play joyful music. My mood in the morning can affect the way I interact with others. It can affect others moods as well. If I start off joyful, others around me catch that joy as well. If I start off grumpy, others feel it and work or home can feel tense. Driving into work I like to listen to music that makes me happy. Sometimes I listen to praise music; sometimes I listen to fun oldies music that makes me smile. I want to be smiling when I walk into work first thing in the morning.

3.    Find more things to love and less things to hate. Being in the customer service business we have short small-talk conversations with customers all day. I decided whatever the weather is I love it. When the sunshine is out, I love it! When it rains (living in the desert we really love rain), I love it! Overcast – I love it! Humid (ok, it is never humid where I live)- but if it was I would love it! –In short five-minute conversations, there is never a reason to be negative. I try to find more things to love and less things to hate.
4.    Drive happy. People complain about crazy drivers all the time, but in my quest to love more and hate less, I decided to drive happy. If cars around me cut me off, don’t use their blinker, text while driving (!!) I take that as my cue to pray for them—pray for their safety and for those around them. And I choose compassion, and believe they must be rushing to the emergency room to meet a loved one if they have to drive 80 mph on a busy main street.

5.    Watch laughing baby videos. There is nothing more joyful, smile inducing, silly and precious than seeing and hearing babies laugh out loud! If you don’t believe me Google ‘laughing babies’ and find one with multiple babies laughing hysterically (or click this one) and see if that doesn’t bring you more joy.

Your love has given me great JOY and encouragement,
because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts
of the Lord’s people.  Philemon 1:7

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Have a Joy-filled Day!


  1. I have a big work event today. How it's going to go is up in the air. I am choosing joy and positivity--no matter what. This post was a good reminder! The first week's nearly done! Keep writing...with joy.

    1. Thanks! I hope your event went great! ---Yes, one week done, three to go! LOL!

  2. We can truly find Joy if we LOOK for it. Thanks Robyn. I need to start making my list and anticipating it. Lately the schedule has been so full with a 'to do list' much longer than i can get 'to-done' and am struggling to find the joy.

  3. I understand Tammy. I'm right there with you!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Rachel! I had to remind myself of this today.