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Hi! I’m Robyn. Thanks for stopping by!
Welcome to A Closer Walk.

Don’t you love the phone apps that tell how many steps you walked, how many calories you burned and how many miles you logged?

The one I have draws a map as I walk. At every mile mark, a voice breaks through my music and says, “You walked one mile. Your pace is fifteen minutes per mile.” At the end of my walk, I look at the map and check the miles I logged. If I am close to the next mile marker, I walk around my driveway in circles until I reach the next mile.

I love walking. Living in New Mexico with majestic mountains, incredible sunsets and superb weather makes walking outside year round a wonderful experience.

Even though I logged many great walks on the app, my favorite walk is the one I have journeyed with the Lord. He takes me over mountains and carries me through valleys. He has changed my course and gently nudged me back when I chose to walk away from His path. He illuminates His way so I can’t miss it.

Through this web site I want to offer encouragement for those who want
A Closer Walk with the Lord.

About Me:
  • Married to my Pastor husband for 30 years 
  • Mom to four great kids. Two are adopted, I forget which two
  • Women’s Bible study leader & mentor
  • Degree in Communication and Bible
  • Business owner
  • Israel tour hostess
  • Writer, blogger and communicator
  • Lover of sunflowers, the beach, Mexican food, walking and laughing

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  1. Very interesting blog. Looking forward to reading more.